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My Love, My Enemy Reviews

“This novel of high romance set against the background of the War of 1812 has a runaway interest for the light fiction reader for it moves on wings from Annapolis to Bermuda to London and back to Washington, zigzagging across the ocean as the British and Americans fight out the war against the impressments of Americans. The heroine is an irresistible and fiery little 18-year-old American patriot and the handsome English hero is involved in espionage for Wellington. There are not too many novels about Mr. Madison’s War, and Mrs. Speas does the history part very will right down to the burning of Washington…. Recommended for its high romance and its history value.”
– Library Journal, April 15, 1961

“ML,ME is a book for all those who are young at heart and who have a taste for adventure.”
– Columbia SC Record, May 11, 1961

“This story of the appealing and refreshing Page Bradley is free of the usual evils in our present-day reading. It presents a lovely romance told in a delightful swashbuckling manner.”
– Memphis Sunday Commercial Appeal

“The plot may be impossible, the romance incredible, and yet, the whole result is beautifully convincing.”
– Christian Herald, November 1961

“ Jan Cox Speas pulls out practically all of the stops before she turns up a satisfactory solution for the predicament. And in doing so she contrives a delightful, swashbuckling romance which proves that not everything in war is horrible and sometimes disobedience brings a rather enchanting reward.”
– Tacoma Sunday Ledger-News Tribune July 16, 1961