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My Love, My Enemy is delighted to announce the recent publication of the Family Authorized Kindle Edition of My Love, My Enemy.

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Original dustcover summary from 1961 Publication by William Morrow & Company.

“Played against the exciting background of the War of 1812, My Love, My Enemy ranges in colorful setting from Annapolis and Washington to Bermuda, Europe and the high seas…and has for its central character a most appealing and impulsive heroine.

The trouble started with Page Bradley’s determination to risk the British blockade and steal a ride aboard her father’s boat to Annapolis. Once in town, she could hardly have stood quietly by while a mob of angry seamen prepared to lynch the handsome young Englishman. It was only natural to intervene, claiming the stranger as an expected guest of her father.

Perhaps all still would have been well if on its return home, the Bradley sloop had not been captured by a British frigate. It was small consolation then for Page to learn that the man she had rescued was not only a nobleman, Lord Hazard, but a possible English spy.

In the following moths Page more than satisfied her taste for adventure. When she finally found herself trapped aboard a war-like vessel, bound for a distant foreign shore, and in love with one of the enemy, she had ample reason to regret her recklessness.

The solution to Page’s bitter-sweet predicament provides a surprising and satisfying ending to a thoroughly enjoyable novel.”