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The Growing Season

Original dustcover summary from 1963 Publication by William Morrow.

“A rich understanding of people and a vivid sense of locale distinguish this story of one summer in North Carolina, in the course of which a young man, Tay Brennan, finds himself – and a girl – after five years of rootlessness and wandering.

The girl is Jody – of the great dark eyes, the warm mouth, as Tay saw her – and the action is precipitated on the night that, no longer able to withstand the tormentings of her stepbrother Marv, she determines to leave home. On the way to the bus she encounters Tay, himself a victim of Marv’s villainy, and together they flee before the hue and cry…

The background is a mill town with its turbulent life and the surrounding country. Mrs. Speas’ warm human touch brings all the characters into focus, especially a wonderful old lady, Mrs. Hackett, who is a sort of Greek chorus to the excitement and stress of the story.”