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Short Stories

Between 1953 and 1966, Jan Cox Speas published 17 short stories, listed below. In addition, her family has preserved the manuscripts of more than 21 additional stores that were never published. Click on the links below in “The Way You Are,” “The Family Nobody Liked,” and “Forbidden Stranger” for excerpts of Jan’s writing.

  • “The Gift,” published in Seventeen, August 1953
  • “We Only Met This Morning,” published in Women’s Home Companion, November 1954 and Weldon’s Home Journal, March 1955
  • “White Hair and Peppermints,” published in Cosmopolitan, February 1957, Originally titled “The Brash Young Man”
  • “The Man Who Wanted to Hate,” published in Post, November 16, 1957 and Argosy, May 1962
  • “Pretend You Love Me,” published in Post, February 22, 1958, Originally titled “The Fifty Dollar Fee”
  • EXCERPT: “The Way You Are”, published in McCall’s, August 1958, Originally titled “Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch”
  • EXCERPT: “The Family Nobody Liked,” published in Post, January 24, 1959, Originally titled “The Porcelain Clock”
  • EXCERPT: “Forbidden Stranger,” published in Post, December 26, 1959, Originally titled “Scarlet Ribbons” or “The Extraordinary Man”
  • “The Deep Frozen Bachelor,” published in Post, August 13, 1960, Originally titled “The Grand Tour”
  • “The Reluctant Redhead,” published in Post, May 9, 1959 and Everywoman, May 1961, Originally titled “Promises Are to Keep”
  • “Midsummer’s Eve,” published in Woman’s Day, June 1961
  • “Run of Luck,” published in Post, January 6, 1962, Originally titled “The Genie in the Teacup”
  • “Just Around the Corner,” published in Woman’s Day, November 3, 1962
  • “The Logic of Love,” published in Home, June 1963, Originally titled “The Case for Logic”
  • “The Weekend,” published in Chatelaine, August 1965
  • “Happy Anniversary, Darling,” published in Good Housekeeping, June 1965, Originally titled “A Very Special Thing”
  • “There’s One in Every Family,” published in Woman’s Day, June 1966